italy travel tip: do the best of rome free walking tour

italy travel tip: do the best of rome free walking tour | The best thing you can do in any new place is go on a walking tour -- a FREE walking tour is even better!

So I recently traveled Italy with my mother, honorary auntie, and best friend. We hit all the highlights: started in Rome, bopped down to the Amalfi Coast, shot up to Florence, trekked over to Venice, and hit up Milan/Lake Como before sweeping back to Rome.

So, over the next several posts, I will be sharing with you the things we did in Italy that we loved best.

Our first night in lovely Roma, jet-lagged and unshowered for about 48 hours, we decided the best thing to do is hit the ground running, so we booked ourselves in to do a free walking tour.

We met down by the Spanish Steps, then, over the next two hours or so, saw some churches and government buildings, heard some cool history about Bernini and Borromini (and their weird Baroque rivalry), popped into the Pantheon, and completed our tour by Trevi Fountain.

Our guide was super informative and really energetic, and he said “Okay my people” just about every other second, which we all thought was hilarious (though jet lag and slap-happiness could possibly be to blame there, who knows?).

We could not have asked for more from a free tour. (It was probably the best of three free walking tours we partook in while we were in Italy, the other two being in Venice and Milan.)

A couple of TIPS for you:

  • If you want to go inside the churches, make sure your shoulders are COVERED. I get it, it can be incredibly hot in Rome (it was when we were there), so you may be thinking “less is better,” which is fine — but if you’re swanning around in a sleeveless top, make sure you’ve got a sweater or light jacket that you can drape over your shoulders in the event you want to see inside the churches. (Now, I don’t know that anyone would actually kick you out if your shoulders are bare — we saw plenty of people in suspect clothing — but if you don’t want to chance it, listen to what I tell you! (JK. Sort of.)
  • If you think your guide is exceptional, please tip him or her. ESPECIALLY since it’s a free tour and that’s likely the bulk of their fiscal take away from that day.
    I like to take touristy pictures, but I also like to take not-so-touristy pictures. I’ll include the touristy highlights from each tour or excursion I post, but then I’ll also probably post a few randos, just because.

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