italy travel tip: skip the walking tour in milan

If I’m being honest with you, Milan was not my favorite. It actually kind of bummed me out that that was our last stop in our whirlwind trip around Italy. But everyone makes such a big deal about it, you know? So we did our day trip to Lake Como from there, and then we had a good portion of the next day there as well before we headed back to Rome. (Sad face.)

To fill our time, we did a free walking tour, but if I can be real with you for a minute, I’m just going to advise you to skip it, especially given the energy it took to find the meeting point (there might have been some swearing, there was definitely some running to make it in time). Really, unless you’re into high fashion, I would skip Milan altogether. Spend an extra day somewhere awesome like Amalfi or Florence.)

As was the case in Venice, there just wasn’t really much of interest to see in Milan. Our guide, Marco, he really gave it his all, he had boundless energy, and he was relatively entertaining, but the tour itself…not so much.


It certainly didn’t help that the Italian version of the Tour de France was happening in downtown Milan—we had to take quite a long detour because one of the roads frequented by this particular tour was completely blocked off.

It wasn’t a particularly beautiful or remarkable town, either—at least I didn’t think so. I literally took nine photos. Total. And you know how much I like having interesting and remarkable things to photograph during my travels—there just was not much of interest. Nor do I remember any of the “high points” aside from the obvious—the Duomo di Milano and the middle finger statue that flips off Milan’s Wall Street. Although, fun fact: The Duomo in Milan has actually been under construction longer than La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona (six centuries and counting!)


Really, unless you’re into high fashion, I would skip Milan altogether. Spend an extra day somewhere awesome like Amalfi or Florence. Sorry for being harsh on you, Milan; I’m just keepin’ it real…

We headed back to Rome for an evening, basically. I stepped over a grate on our way to the hotel from the train station and my dress flew up around my ears (it was a very un-sexy Marilyn Monroe moment, but an old man was shuffling by as it happened, and man, did he have an ear-to-ear smile), we took a quick jaunt over to the Colosseum (once I threw on some shorts; I did not want a repeat of the skirt-around-ears situation), had dinner, and then we jetted home the following morning.

Ciao, Italia! I miss you!

Italy Travel Tip: Skip the Walking Tour In Milan

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