kauai, hawaii travel guide: take a surfing lesson & explore queen’s bath

Kauai, Hawaii Travel Guide | Take a Surfing Lesson & Check out Queen's Bath

Those who know me well know that I’m not exactly what you would call “sporty” or coordinated. But this did not stop me from signing up for a surfing lesson with Hawaiian Surfing Adventures. It seemed like a must-do—when in Hawaii, attempt to ride those legendary waves.

We were in a small group, just us two and two younger girls. Our guide was the typical “surfer dude”—long hair, loose limbs, not a care in the world—and bottomless patience. The first half-hour was mostly talking about safety, then for the next hour, with our teacher’s guidance, we caught some waves—all of us (even me!) and more than once—to varying degrees of success.

My whole body was sore afterward, and I wiped out constantly (salt water up the nose and the whole shebang), but man was it fun! I’m not sure I’ve ever felt so accomplished as I did when I successfully rode a wave!

Kauai, Hawaii Travel Guide | Take a Surfing Lesson
This is, unfortunately, the only proof we have that we went surfing—but we did it, you guys, I promise! And it was SO MUCH FUN!

That afternoon, we headed over to Queen’s Bath, a tide pool located in Princeville. On a calm day, you (supposedly) can swim in the pool. We were not there on a calm day, however—but honestly, I’m so glad we were there when the waves were insane because it made for such a cool experience!

This is (supposedly) what Queen’s Bath looks like on a calm day. We were not there on a calm day. Source: Wikimedia Commons

What the blog posts about Queen’s Bath didn’t really mention is who dangerous it actually is. From the parking lot, you take a trail through the woods, climbing over rocks and alongside waterfalls, until you reach the pool itself. Right before the trees clear, there’s a wooden warning sign that tallies the number of people who have died there that year. Which, I’ll admit, freaked me out just a little bit—but, you know, just be smart while you’re there. Don’t take any unnecessary risks. And for God’s sake, if it’s super wavy, don’t get in the pools, ya dig?

Kauai, Hawaii Travel Guide | Take a Surfing Lesson & Check Out Queen's Bath

There was no way on earth we were getting in the pools that day, so instead, we played on the igneous rock formations that surround it, watching over and over as the waves pummeled the coastline. It was breathtaking and actually quite exhilarating!

Kauai, Hawaii Travel Guide | Take a Surfing Lesson & Check Out Queen's Bath


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We were there for maybe an hour (and really, that’s all the time you need), so if you find yourselves with a little bit of time to kill, it’s definitely worth checking out—think of it as a little mini-adventure! 🙂 Maybe even bring a picnic and spread out on the rocks and just enjoy the scenery!

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Kauai, Hawaii Travel Guide | Take a Surfing Lesson and Explore Queen's Bath

Kauai, Hawaii Travel Guide | Take a Surfing Lesson & Check Out Queen's Bath

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