kauai, hawaii travel guide: sail along the na pali coast

Kauai, Hawaii Travel Guide | Sail Along the Na Pali Coast

As I mentioned in my post about Waimea Canyon, the main road on Kauai doesn’t connect in a complete circle, and that’s because of the Na Pali coast, where the cliffs are so steep that you can only access that side of the island by boat or (strenuously) by foot.


We spent my 30th birthday with Captain Andy’s doing the Classic Na Pali Snorkel & Picnic Sail. We started out bright and early that morning with breakfast offered on board.


Around 10, the boat anchored and we hopped in the water for some snorkeling. Unfortunately, the water wasn’t super clear where we snorkeled and we didn’t get to see very much. That’s really my only complaint about the excursion, and really, that one’s out of their control.


Then we sailed along the fifteen miles of pristine Na Pali coastline at a leisurely pace. Pictures absolutely don’t do this coastline justice (plus the light wasn’t working in our favor that particular day), but I assure you it is breathtaking—so many different shades of green!


We anchored for a picnic lunch (traditional picnic fare, sandwiches, chips, etc.), where we were lucky to catch a playful pod of spinner dolphins [insert dolphin squeal here (I love dolphins)]!

We headed back to port at a leisurely pace (they actually lowered the sail), and we just sat back and took in the green cliffs and azure water. We were done by about 3 pm, so we had a few hours that afternoon to just chill poolside.


Last Monday, this girl turned 31, which made me reflect on my thirtieth year, which, let’s be honest, is a rough milestone for most women. But you know what, I had a pretty stellar year, starting with our week in Hawaiian paradise, my twelve days with the ladies in stunning Italy, and our week in the Canary Islands and Portugal. On deck for this girl’s thirty-first year: A nine-day Baltic cruise in late summer and a three-week Australia and New Zealand adventure in December!

More to come on Hawaii in the next couple of weeks—it’s been saving me from being too depressed with this chilly spring weather in Michigan. To be continued!

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Kauai, Hawaii Travel Guide | Sail Along the Na Pali Coast

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