kauai, hawaii travel guide: tubing and ziplining with kauai backcountry adventures

Kauai, Hawaii Travel Guide | Go tubing and zip lining with Kauai Backcountry Adventures

It’s been so sad watching all this news coverage about Kauai over the last week or so, seeing the devastation wreaked by the excessive rain and flash flooding has caused the oldest of Hawaii’s islands. I worry about the folks whose homes have been washed away. If anyone is interested in helping Kauai rebound from what is no less than a natural disaster (the worst one since Hurricane Iniki hit Kauai in 1992), there are several fundraisers to which you can donate, if you would like to lend these folks a hand.

Kauai is easily one of my absolute favorite places in this world—and as you know, I’ve done quite a bit of traveling in the last six years.

When we were deciding which island we would spend the bulk of our time on, in the back of my mind, I remembered a video my sister had posted to her Facebook page that showed people tubing through an old sugar cane plantation—it looked so cool that when we decided on Kauai, I booked the tubing excursion almost immediately. While the tubing itself wasn’t necessarily as exciting as the video made it seem, it was still very cool (I mean that literally and figuratively—that water is hella cold). The tubing is rather leisurely actually, so if you’re not into thrills, per se, then this excursion will be perfect for you.

TIP: Make sure you bring your towels with you to the plantation, rather than, say, leaving them in your car back at “base camp.”  You’re driven into the mountains from base camp, and you can leave your things in their van to stay dry. After you go tubing, you go for a picnic lunch nearby. My mistake was assuming we were going back to base camp for lunch. Luckily, a kind family in our group took pity on the poor shivering girl and let me borrow one of their towels while we ate, bless their hearts. Of course, it was cloudy and drizzly the day we went tubing, which made a difference too, I’m sure.




Later that day, we went ziplining through the rainforest, which was as adrenaline-pumping as the tubing was chill. We’d never been ziplining before, and let me tell you, it was kind of nerve-wracking and a little bit terrifying at first (in the good, adrenaline-pumping way). But with every line you zip, the nerves fade, and soon, flying through the air feels like second-nature (okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit, but I did get more comfortable with it the more I did it, even if I couldn’t figure out how to keep myself straight or go in any way but ass-end first).

Afterward, we were offered snacks at a little picnic table that was near this natural little pool; the water was crystal-clear and refreshingly cold. The sun parted long enough for us to paddle around in there for a little bit before we were taken back along the bumpy backroads to base camp.

Kauai, Hawaii Travel Guide | Go tubing and ziplining with Kauai Backcountry Adventures

TIP: By booking both excursions through Kauai Backcountry Adventures, you save 10%, which is totally worth it, because the excursions were not cheap. But it was almost an entire day of activity, and now I can say I’ve gone tubing through an old sugar plantation and been ziplining high in the trees, which is pretty cool. 😉

Next week, I’ll be compiling all of the top things to do in Kauai (who doesn’t love lists?!), including some sights and activities that I haven’t written about yet, so you’ll have a complete guide to Kauai and all the amazing and various things you can do on my favorite island! 🙂

In the meantime, continue to keep Kauai’s residents in your thoughts, send them all the good vibes, and, if you’re feeling generous, donate to some of those fundraisers!

To be continued!

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Kauai, Hawaii Travel Guide | Go tubing and ziplining with Kauai Backcountry Adventures

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