copenhagen travel guide: do the free walking tour

Our Norwegian Scandinavian cruise departed from Copenhagen, Denmark, on a Monday, so the hubby and decided we would fly down on Saturday and give ourselves some time to explore all that Copenhagen had to offer. We got in on Saturday around 4pm, and we picked up our Copenhagen Card at the designated kiosk upon ourContinue reading “copenhagen travel guide: do the free walking tour”

new orleans travel guide: skip the oak alley plantation tour

We escaped the heat of New Orleans (well, a couple of degrees, anyway) for a few hours when we visited Oak Alley Plantation. The grounds are lovely. Manicured lawns, beautiful flowers, old, towering trees. We grabbed some alcoholic lemonades, checked out the shop, and had some delicious gumbo at the restaurant, before our guided tourContinue reading “new orleans travel guide: skip the oak alley plantation tour”

new orleans travel guide: st. louis cemetery no. 1 walking tour

One of the most interesting and unique aspects of New Orleans is that they can’t actually bury their dead. Because they’re so far below sea level, the bodies, if buried, would sooner or later all emerge from the swampy soil, so instead, they bury those lost above ground in what they call “cities of theContinue reading “new orleans travel guide: st. louis cemetery no. 1 walking tour”

hawaii travel guide: pearl harbor

Like many people, I am very interested in World War II. It’s a fascinating, if not completely bonkers, section of history, and I gobble up pretty much anything that has to do with it—be it historical fiction (like All the Light We Cannot See), or actual biographies (like Unbroken), or films (like The Imitation Game or Valkyrie)—the listContinue reading “hawaii travel guide: pearl harbor”