australia travel guide: sydney city tour, lunch cruise, & opera house tour

If you’ve been following my blog, then you know how much this girl loves excursions. There’s something to be said for aimlessly wandering the streets of a new city, but when you only have a few days to squeeze in all the sights of a bustling city, excursions are the most efficient way to seeContinue reading “australia travel guide: sydney city tour, lunch cruise, & opera house tour”

australia travel guide: sydney harbor bridge climb

When I began planning our epic adventure to Australia and New Zealand, it was firmly with the “go big or go home” mentality. As I’m sure you can imagine, it takes a lot of time and resources to venture to that side of the world, so we figured this would be the only time we’dContinue reading “australia travel guide: sydney harbor bridge climb”

canary islands travel tip: skip las palmas

So apparently Las Palmas is one of the most popular places in Gran Canaria. Blog posts told me so, Lonely Planet told me so, and so I assumed it must be true! They all made it seem like Las Palmas was kind of a big deal. I gotta be honest, though—I don’t really get theContinue reading “canary islands travel tip: skip las palmas”

canary islands travel tip: explore the pastel-colored town of aguimes

I approached our trip to the Canary Islands a little differently than I have our other trips: I didn’t do much planning at all. I researched, of course, the best places to go and eat, but we had no specific itinerary: just a list of possible things to do. We looked at the list eachContinue reading “canary islands travel tip: explore the pastel-colored town of aguimes”

my international travel checklist

Preparing for an international trip can be overwhelming. You don’t want to leave anything pertinent behind—you’ll be in a foreign country, you likely won’t speak more than the niceties in the native language, and you’ll be far from the conveniences of home. As the hubs and I pack for our upcoming trip to the CanaryContinue reading “my international travel checklist”